Prestigious Plumb Bob

Deed of Fun conveying the Plumb Bob Award. (MS Word .doc format)

Year Recipient County
2016-2017 Kevin Jamison Jackson County
2015-2016 Kent Rothrock Highland Mapping
2014-2015 Zachary Musgrave Edgecombe County
2013-2014 Vic Spencer Wilkes County
2012-2013 Pam Carver Henderson County
2011-2012 Tom Morgan NCDLRM
2010-2011 Jenny Harrop Harnett County
2009-2010 Tammy Spencer Forsyth County
2008-2009 Richard A. Elkins Greene County
2007-2008 Gail Forehand Chowan County
2006-2007 Brenda Davis Surry County
2005-2006 John B. Bridgers Yadkin County
2004-2005 Rex Minneman NCDLRM
2003-2004 Louis Valenti Craven County
2002-2003 Marie (Monteith) Hogan Buncombe County
2001-2002 Barbara Gallimore Rowan County
2000-2001 Albert Taylor Jr. Carteret County
1999-2000 Albert Gillikin Wayne County
1998-1999 Sharon Sapp Mecklenburg County
1997-1998 Sharon Purvis Oakes Pender County
1996-1997 Elizabeth Bilisoly Potter New Hanover County
1995-1996 Rick Norejko Buncombe County
1994-1995 William Campbell Institute of Government
1993-1994 Eddie Francis Dare County
1992-1993 Bobby McMahan Jackson County
1991-1992 Dennis Pittman Nash County
1990-1991 Norman Long Burke County
1989-1990 Michael Adams Wilkes County
1988-1989 Keith Whitley Stanley County
1987-1988 David Hayes Wilson County
1986-1987 Donnie Wilson Wilkes County
1985-1986 Robert Baird Henderson County
1985 Roscoe E. Reeve Orange County