Old Timer’s Award

In an effort to recognize the dedication of certain long-line members in the support and advancement of our association, often in recognition of their retirement, the NCPMA awards the honor of “Old Timer” to the listed individuals.

Year Recipient
2021 John Bridgers
2020 Greg Belk, CMS
2019 Patricia Pike, CMS
2018 Jenny Harrop
2017 Robin Etheridge
2016 Tom Morgan, PLS
2015 Juliette Sharpe
2014 Sylvia Johnson
2013 Vic Spencer
2012 Pat Goddard
2011 Bobby McMahan
2010 Richard Norejko
2009 Gail Forehand & Patricia Smith
2008 Albert Taylor
2007 not awarded
2006 Richard Davis
2005 William A. “Bill” Campbell
2004 Roscoe Reeve
2003 Jerry Kabala
2002 C.T.”Hap” Holladay